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Shadow Work Mastery is now open for registration!

Are you ready to learn what your FULLY empowered, intuitive, abundant, and magical state feels like?
Then join us and be ready and willing to work in an accelerated healing container.
I am ready to walk with those who are ready to show up for their own massive transformation.
Learn more & Join the transformation today!


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 About me

I am a multi-dimensional being who has been deeply inspired by my healing journey and I now want to share the opportunity for deeper self-discovery with others.  I have created a dynamic container for both a personal and collective sacred transformational experience. I am here to help you learn more about: 

Yourself, Your emotional healing, Owning your body and space, Communicating with land and spirit, intuition building, and creating magic in your everyday life. 

I aim to help you turn your light on and to find your magic again. 

I have traveled (and still traveling it at times!) the long road from anger to abundance, and I now have a goal to help others do the same, but more efficiently.

I am here to share my experiences and the methods I use to identify and learn to let go of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that were holding me back.

I hope to inspire others to also re-imagine their life so that a renewed and fulfilled aspect of self can emerge.

With training, experience, and certifications in various types of Energy Healing, Shadow work, Life Coaching, Intuition building, mediumship, Crystal Healing, Leadership, and other magical topics, my individualized approach will help you heal, and to learn how to trade your frustrations for living your best life.



"Working with Jennifer Neal during a Tarot reading she did with me showed me her accuracy and her professionalism and most of all her Passionate Heart, she absolutely loves her work, I could feel it in my bones. Everything she shared resonated deep within me, I knew it was Truthโ€ผ๏ธ I Highly recommend Jennifer Neal"


"5 stars! She is so insightful and has amazing products! Go to her for anything! You wonโ€™t be disappointed!"

Jenn M.

"I love the Wayward Witch Co! Jen is an absolutely amazing person who creates amazing products!"

Sarah B.

"So sweet and so helpful. I look up to her for how helpful I want to be with my own path!"

Brina K.

" I've been really into Tarot. The unit and lesson activities were so helpful. previously I was afraid of using Tarot cards, but after you gave me advice to set a boundary against negative energy, especially at night, I feel lighter and less afraid. I've done a tarot reading in myself about 4 times now and they've been helping in guiding me with my work right now. "

Monthly Member

"I started with Circle 10 months ago, drowning in crushing grief with very few answers or tools to manage it. My grief was managing me. One day, I sat by a river, writing a letter to my Dad, who had passed, and asked "is this it? Is this all that life is? Where's the magic"? Within a few months, I was pointed toward The Wayward Witch Co. and Jenn. Everything began stirring in me. Slowly. I had a Business Alignment session with Jenn last week and it was a beautiful, inspiring endeavor. An experience. If you're thinking about joining the monthly club (aka Circle) or booking a session, I'd say you're being called for a reason. Listen. ๐Ÿ’œ "Look for the omens, and follow them." ~The Alchemist"


"I have always found what I needed when I book a session. Love the circles, classes and many units full of info! Thank you for all you do!"

Monthly Member, Business Alignment Session

"The thing to remember is that Jenn sees more than you show her and she doesn't pull her punches; she tells it like it is. I've seen this in several of her offerings and our 1:1 sessions and appreciate that candor and realism. She's the person to check in with if you're really ready to do the work. If you're not ready, she knows it."

Monthly Member, Business Alignment Session

"This is such a beautiful space. Jenn is incredibly insightful and connected; her abilities to communicate with the Universe and guides has been confirmed in multiple, personal revelations. The energy, healing, and motivation received from Circle, classes, and sessions has helped me manifest amazing movement in both my heart and life. The tribe is amazing and accepting. The support and sense of community created here makes it a magical place for the wayward and lost."

Monthly Member, Business Alignment Session

"Holy cow guys. I had a clarity call about myself and my business with The Wayward Witch Co. . You all should book her calendar full. There were so many insights and the length and quality of the call was sooo XTREME ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved it so much and feel so Intune with myself now. I had good intentions about it but she overdelivered so much. I am now obsessed even more and plan on filling all her days with me, haha. At the end of the call I was so tempted to ask if she wanted to move in with my family so I could have 24/7 wisdom. Held it back though cause hey that's a bit weird, lmao. Anyways if you are on the fence about booking a chat with her, go for it. No regrets at all and tons of insights"

Brandy R.
Monthly Member, Clarity Call

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